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Investonian is designed to help investors easily evaluate stocks through informative and visually appealing data.

By offering a user-friendly platform that simplifies fundamental analysis and educates it’s users, we aim to provide access to high-quality investment research tools and enable retail investors to compete with professionals.

Our mission

Make Informed Investing Decisions

We are focused on providing the best financial analysis features that will help you take your investing to the next level. Listening to our customers’ needs and suggestions will help us to continuously improve and innovate new useful tools. Investing offers a wonderful opportunity to build wealth and we want to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our vision

Enhancing Your Financial Journey

We believe that knowledgeable investors are better investors. By having easy access to financial data and useful tools, you can make better and more informed investing decisions. Having a long-term and structured approach to investing allows you to take charge of your investing journey. We want to help you in that process.

Meet our team

Uku Joost Annus

Co-founder, CEO

Hans Albert Allik

Co-founder, CFO

Mihkel Jesse

Co-founder, CTO

Oskar Pukk

Full-Stack developer

Krettel Kristin Säde

Full-Stack developer

Kevin Kliimask

Full-Stack developer

Els Aleksandra Vaks

Data wizard

Our values

Win or learn mentality

We see every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Whether we succeed or encounter obstacles, each experience is a chance to learn, adapt, and improve.

Focus on user experience

We believe that a seamless user experience is a key to a quality product. From designing our platform to creating new features, we prioritize simplicity, accessibility, and functionality.

Customer-first approach

If it doesn’t create value, informed by our clients’ voices and needs, it doesn’t make it to our blueprint. Our commitment to feedback-based value creation is at the heart of everything we do.

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